The Gorgeous Audi A5/S5 Convertible

After the all-new A5 Coupe, Audi now gave us the new A5 (and S5) Cabriolet. According to us, its a beautiful car. Not revolutionary, but a very polished product which combines elegant and timeless design with the latest technologies.


Engine wise, the potential buyer has the choice of three gasoline and three diesel powerplants. Things kick off with the 2.0 turbocharged (TFSI) inline four with 190 hp. The same engine is also available with 252 horses. TDI-wise, again 190 hp in the 2.0 litre four cylinder listing, but there is also a very smooth 3.0 inline six with 218 or 286 hp available. Top of the line is the S5 Cabriolet, with a 3.0 V6 TFSI sporting 354 hp. The fabric top can be opened or closed with speeds up to 50 kph.


Car is expected at dealerships spring 2017.






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