My First Car (and 2nd!)

So, the readers of AutoExperience might wonder what I, as editor, am driving myself! As you might expect from a 24 year old student with a very limited regular income, something pretty modest. However, I did my best to get the best for my particular budget. And, succeeded pretty well. As of now, I own my first car for seven months and it is loads of fun. I put around 8000 kms on it, but not without any problems. Since I didnt have the funds to buy the best unit I could find, I expected some issues and until now I did have some – however, not too dramatic. A list of repairs and modifications can be found below. December is a big test for my car, since it will have its mandatory yearly checkup at the garage in order to get clearance for another year of driving on public roads.

03/2017: plan is to sell The 106 in july / August, when i own it for a year. By that time i want to move up a segment to somerhing like a 206. Returns of 106 sale plus extra funds Will be invested in that car (1500+1000=2500).


PEUGEOT 106 1.4 Sport


TT-LV-52 (Dutch license plate) / 1998 / 1.4 8v 75 hp / Sport trim (GTi exterior) / 195800 km (at purchase) / Airconditioning / 5 speed manual / Electric windows & mirrors / Radio-CD with AUX / Central locking with remote / Power steering / 14″ steel rims with Peugeot Fugue covers / Rev counter / Height adjustable driver seat / Auxiliary front lights


  • Steering wheel swap (original option by Peugeot)
  • White Tailgate Vinyl Decal (custom made for Peugeot)
  • Respraying of certain body parts and the roof (roof only partially completed)


Contact me if interested!



  • New spark plugs (€10)
  • Extra oil (€5)
  • Coolant flush (€15)
  • Fuse replacements (€3)
  • Rear windscreen wiper replacement (€10)
  • New bulbs for auxiliary front lights (€15)
  • New batteries for central locking remote (€5)
  • New gas injector for one of the four cylinders (€35)
  • New exhaust downpipe including installation labour (€110)

– Upcoming: New air and fuel filters / airco check (probably a leak, not cooling now)

Furure options:

  • Peugeot 206 1.6 16V XS or Quicksilver
  • Peugeot 306 2.0 16V XSi or Cabriolet



Happy to report that since June 2017, I got the keys of my second car, which is a Bordeaux Red Peugeot 206 GTi from 2003! Was looking around for some while to replace the 106 this summer (since the A/C wasn’t working and I wasn’t sure about the mileage of some critical parts, it felt best to replace it before major repairs had to be done. However, car is still for sale and I’m not willing to let it go for under €1000 since its in considerably better shape than when I bought it a year ago) and found this particular one for a great price. I managed to pick it up for €1450, which is an absolute steal since the previous (and only owner) did maintenance according to the book and the only problems the car currently has are cosmetical in nature (clear varnish paint is getting loose on several body parts, and a few small parking dents are there too).

Some of the smaller body parts I already resprayed, which makes the car look a lot better already. It has quite a high kilometrage of 275,000 when I bought it, but the engine, gearbox, and chassis are still in great shape. Here’s a pic of me testing it on the Ring in Germany during last holiday:

The model is also quite well padded, with the following kit as standard for the 2003 GTi:

  • 2.0 litre 16V petrol engine w/ 136 hp and 190 Nm torque
  • (quite clunky) 5-speed gearbox
  • Acceleration 0-100 kph in 8,2 secs – top speed of 202 kph
  • (not so great) gas mileage of 7,2 litres per 100km (converts to 1:13 or 38 MPG)
  • Disc brakes front and rear (vented front)
  • Curb weight just over 1,000 kilos (1040 actually)
  • 16 inch alloys with 205/45 ZR16 rubber


  • Central locking with remote
  • Radio CD player with steering column controls and info via the trip computer screen on top of the middle dash
  • hight adjustable front seats
  • interior trim in alcantara
  • sport seats with a combination of grippy cloth, alcantara, and leather
  • three back headrests
  • electric and heated mirrors, electric front windows
  • four airbags
  • 5 gauge-cluster (speed, rev counter, fuel, coolant temp, oil temp)
  • digital oil dipstick in the gauge cluster
  • Pack Visibilité (rain and light sensors for automatic headlights and front wipers)

It has as extra options:

  • Automatic climate control (which was a must have for me) with the modern digital display in the center dash
  • Metallic paint ‘Rouge Lucifer’

What I did so far:

  • Factory colour-coded respray of some exterior parts (most notably the grill bumper lip)
  • New front tyres (Imperal EcoSport 2) and new wheel locking bolts all around (16 in total)
  • Oil and filter change with prescribed Total Quartz 9000 5W40
  • Spark plug change with prescribed Bosch Super Plus FR8SC+
  • Replaced the (torn up paper cone) original front speakers by Pioneer TS-G units
  • Remove the tow hook
  • New front license plate

Planning to do:

  • Repair all clear varnish problems around the car, maybe replace the hood with another unit because it has maybe degraded too much
  • Let repair the major parking dents by a professional
  • Fit a better exhaust system by replacing the factory end box with a unit from Ulter Sport (maintaining the original chrome muffler tip)
  • Fit an open air intake (no K/N or Green, too expensive for the car)
  • Realignment of the drive train by a garage
  • Create an AUX-in for the original RD3 system
  • Fit the original GTi or RC rear spoiler
  • Restore and repaint the 16 inch Ouragan wheels (maybe in ‘Rallye’ white instead of metal silver, still not sure about it)
  • Get some new sporty car floormats and a proper middle arm rest (it hasn’t got any and the original accessory from Peugeot is both ugly and no longer available as a new part)
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Maybe change the catalytic converter when neccessary, some noise seems to be coming from / around it
  • Give the aircon (A/C) a service and cleaning job since it sometimes smells funny